Friday, December 15, 2006

The Craziness Factor

by SonDog

I love watching Allen Iverson. I really do. He's got the determination on the court of a pit bull and it's not a stretch to say he is pound-for-pound the toughest player in the NBA.

It would be a mistake to bring him to Denver.

According to Mark Stein, Denver is believed to be the leader in the clubhouse to land Iverson, assuming somebody is foolish enough to take Nene and his 6 year, $60 million contract (what, have they not called Isiah Thomas?).

Carmelo Anthoney has taken a huge leap this year and is a legit MVP candidate at the moment. His game is light-years ahead of where it was last season and he is the undisputed leader of a Nugget team that is clawing at the heals of Utah in the Midwest. There are so many unknowns with Iverson (I'm speaking of how he would effect a team, not his sanity level), that you have to wonder why George Karl would even consider making this move.

For Carmelo's sake and for the Nuggets' sake, I hope this move doesn't happen. Based on no factual knowledge and little if any expert analysis, it could torpedo the development of a kid who is sure to be a top-5 player for years to come.


the butler said...

Is it possible that the Michael Vick syndrome is at work here? I mean, how can we all be saying that one of the best players of the decade would be a detriment to the greater percentage of NBA teams right now? Would we be saying that about the other top players of this decade? Shaq? Kobe? D-Wade? KG? Duncan?

Well, maybe we would about Kobe. The thing is I agree, AI would not fit on the majority of NBA teams right now, even though he would immediately become the best player on most of those teams.

Hell, maybe he'll prove us all wrong and just mesh perfectly somewhere (I still don't know why the T-Wolves backed out) and all of us will be talking about how dumb the Sixers were for letting him go.

OZ said...

The problem I see is that he wants to go to a contender, but most teams feel his on-court dominance will push any teams record to be similar to the current record in Philly.