Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Worth It?

by the butler

Stop me if you've already heard this one...What does Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka have in common with the (alleged) Britney Spears sex tape? Apparently they are each worth over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! So I'm in the wrong business here. Why am I not selling Japanese sports stars and sex tapes?

My problem with that price tag is this: Paying $100 million (over 5 years) for D-Mat would place him in the top 3 highest-paid players in baseball category with Jeter and A-Rod. But hey, if they're already calling him D-Mat, he must be worth it, right? Pujols has made $32 million in his past three combined seasons in St. Louis.

And what about K-Fed's sorry ass? Granted, a few actors (Keanu w/ the Matrix, Bruce Willis with the Sixth Sense, and Tommy Cruise w/ War of the Worlds, if you were wondering) have made $100 million plus on a movie, but only recently since they figured out that a small percentage of the gross of a blockbuster movie turns out to be a lot of stinking dough. And now the talented Mr. Federline has a chance to join that very small list of $100 million "actors". Just doesn't seem right or fair.


bh said...

I read this morning that Scott Boras had called him "D-Mat" at a press conference, and I wanted to punch my computer screen.

SonDog said...

So, with Britney showing her who-ha to the entire world on multiple occacions last week, does that de-value the sex tape in any way?

bh said...

I'm saying no. I'll pay whatever I need to to get my hands on a copy.

SonDog said...

Did you ever watch the Paris Hilton sex tape? Um... wait... me neither.

the butler said...

Paris Hilton has a sex tape?