Wednesday, December 06, 2006


posted by BH

First, Judas kissed Jesus. Now this. Reports are that former Giant Jason Schmidt has signed a three-year deal with the Dodgers. We all knew the Dodgers were going to be players in the Schmidtstakes, but I had hoped, as I think all Giant fans did, that he would end up in Seattle or anywhere else outside the NL and definitely not with the fucking rivals.


glamerica said...

You guys are better off. My Cardinals were bidding for him as well. There is NO WAY that he is worth 15.6 MIL a year!!!! I am glad we are not taking on that salary.


DMo said...

I agree whitey. His best years are behind him and he is not worth that kind of money. I rather have Bonds too. Schmidt will have some great outings for sure but not enough of them. All of his good outing will undoubtedly come against the Giants now.

Congrats on the Cards Whitey.