Tuesday, December 26, 2006


by the butler

I know the Pro Bowl doesn't matter. Pretty sure I've never actually watched it. However, it's nice to see the right players being selected, you know, "for the principality of the matter".

Plenty of arguments can be made for and against a number of players, but a few selections jumped out at me. First and foremost, Tony "why should this guy get to bang Jessica Simpson?" Romo. Sure he looks good, but Pro Bowl caliber? If Romo makes it, I say Damon Huard should make it. Whatever. Chalk this one up to slim pickings in the NFC this year, with Hasselbeck, Eli Manning, and Delhomme having crappy seasons. Add McNabb's injury and there you have it -Marc "only real homos spell it with a c" Bulger and Romo are Pro Bowlers (remember last year, when Steve McNair made it because of injuries to Carson Palmer, Brady, Brees, Jake Plummer, and Gus Frerotte?) Wait...isn't Michael "I got snubbed for a guy whose name rhymes with Homo?" Vick in the NFC?

(I can picture Sexy Rexy Grossman in a circle of his buddies, "I definitely had it...if only I hadn't blown it in weeks 6, 9, 12, and 13...)

I like Anquan Boldin. He's a beast. I bet cornerbacks hate to be matched up with him. But how do you not make the Pro Bowl last year (102 rec. 1402yds, 7TD), then have a significantly worse season the following year (79 rec. 1091yds, 4TD) and end up as a starter? A make-up for last year's snubbing, maybe?

(Anyone else notice that the AFC's four WR's could have easily been Harrison, Wayne, Chad Johnson, and Houshamazilly?)

Couple others of note: Jeremy "I think I'm a rock star" Shockey getting in over the slightly less glamorous Chris Cooley, and Philip "my whole team made the Pro Bowl" Rivers over Brady.


Anonymous said...

I have been ready to do a snubs post for the last week, which would consist of:

"Romo getting in is a joke. A cruel, sad joke."

C-lo said...

PS: Romo is currently "banging" Carrie Underwood instead of Jessica Simpson (who is currently "banging" John Mayer). UPGRADE!

the butler said...

oooohhh. I bet Carrie Underwood gets fiesty...I bet she uses deep, whorish voices that a sweet southern gal never should, and wakes the neighbors with her screaming.

I bet Jessica Simpson makes weird, contorted facial expressions...and says stupid things.