Tuesday, February 13, 2007

OK...Prince is our Running Back

by the butler

Whoa. I know many of you have been enthralled with Anna Nicole and other major news stories lately, but I felt I should make sure everyone understood the incredible goings on within the Houston Texans' camp.

As if the Texans needed another reason to throw themselves from a rediculously high cliff. Another event that would suggest even more strongly, if at all possible, that the Mario Williams pick was the worst move ever in recorded human history.
"But we have Domanick Davis..."

Or do you?

You thought you had Double D., but no. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the starting running back for the Houston Texans:

"I wasn't really a Davis, it's my oldest brother's dad's last name. And whatever happened, I ended up with Davis."

Right. So now you're Domanick Williams, and since you're about one bazillionth as famous as Prince, people everywhere will continue to have never heard of you. And thanks in advance for all the lame jokes that are sure to be cracked at Fantasy Football drafts across the nation. I can already see that one douchebag every league inevitibly has saying, "ha ha, you picked a guy who doesn't exist...ha ha you should have bought 19 magazines like me...ha ha". Eat a dick. The least you could do is change your name to something cool, like Machiavelli McNinja or something.

My favorite part of the article has to be the quote from teammate Dunta Robinson, (who by the way has no reason to comment on other people's names) saying, "He changed his hair, his clothes and his name. I hope he changes his knee, too."

So I guess Texans fans can throw this away...


OZ said...

Long live Machiavelli McNinja!

I'm exposing myself to substantial ridicule here, but I think I have to use that name on the character I create for a video game.

SonDog said...

I would love to have that name on my business card.

"Thank you for calling, you've reached the desk of Mr. McNinja."