Friday, February 02, 2007

Snub Fest

by SonDog

Melo and Josh Howard were snubbed. Both should be on that team, and unless David Stern plays the vengance card ("brawl" in NY, feud with Cuban), they are no-brainer injury selections for Carlos Boozer and Yao Ming.

Unless, that is, Kevin Durant can be named as an injury replacement. He deserves to go as well, just to get a jump on his NBA career.

If Melo is dissed as an injury replacement, the NBA's leading scorer will be the first player with a scoring average over 30 to not be selected. That would be a travesty. I know he was suspended 15 games, but isn't that the punishment for the brawl? Does he deserve more punishment on top of the suspension? The kid was just named USA basketball's Player of the Year, and Stern would leave him off the All-Star team over something that he already punished him for? Travesty. Sham. Mockery. Travishamockery.

Sexiness, personified. All-Stars, both of them. In theory.

And how does Dallas, the team with the NBA's best record, have only one player on the roster? I know the Western Conference is deep, but c'mon! Howard has to be selected.

Tony Parker? Tony Parker? We should at least get to see Eva Longoria naked for that selection. Somebody get Hugh Hefner in touch with David Stern, like right now.


C-lo said...

Those are 2 sexy bitches!

OZ said...

Sac had the EXACT same thing happen to them when Webb was the only selection the year they had the best record in the league, with th einjury add-on of Peja.

the butler said...

I'm thinking Stern has already seen Parker's else could he have landed on the team? HE'S FRENCH!!!!!!!!!
So many players should have made it ahead of him (Ray Allen, Howard, Baron Davis, Carmelo, Elton Brand)...I even think Kevin Martin and Mike Miller have had better seasons. I bet Stern was bribed by the TV folks, who wanted to guarantee at least 25 camera shots of the Hot Ass Housewife during the game.

the butler said...

UPDATE: nice work, they were the two injury replacements. Stern must have gotten our "message".