Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wonderlic This.

by the butler

I don't use my little B.S. in PSYCHOlogy degree for all kinds of great reasons. All the psyhco-babble kept perpetuating. Downright ridiculous, really.

My measly non-post-grad (not remotely close to) expert opinion would suggest that this here Wonderlic test:

A) Has a gay name to begin with.

B) Is neither valid nor reliable.

C) Does not indicate which QB's will be any good.

Let's just take a look at how past players have done. Oh yeah, the very first thing stated is that we can't even be sure that these numbers are right. No one really cares anyway so let's just pretend they are for a second.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you:

The "I Scored High on the Wonderlic" Hall of Fame:
Steve Young (33), Troy Aikman (29), Matt Hasselbeck (29), Tom Brady (33)

The "I Scored Low on the Wonderlic" Hall of Fame:
Dan Marino (14), Randall Cunningham (15), Brett Favre (22), Donovan McNabb (12, 16), Steve McNair (15)

The "I Scored High on the Wonderlic" and Still Suck(ed):
Brian Griese (39), Rex Grossman (29), Quincy Carter (30), Jason Maas (43), Rick Mirer (31)

The "I Scored Low on the Wonderlic" and am now playing in Canada or Yugoslavia (0r maybe running for a Congressional seat) if I'm lucky:
Oscar Davenport (6), Heath Shuler (16), Jeff George (10), Tee Martin (11)

Cool. So everyone remembers last year's Vince Young Wonderlic fuss, right? Well, here we go again. I don't know why a National Championship ring can't speak louder than a damn geometry quiz. Hell, Chris Leak ought to be excited to mirror any sort of performance by Vince Young. He should proudly point to his 8 (which supposedly denotes illiteracy) while hinting that maybe his on-the-field play will also follow Vince Young's shining example. Uhhhhh, right. That would only work if the NFL scouts were scoring 8's themselves.

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SonDog said...

Didn't Alex Smith ace the Wonderlik test? That's probably the primary reason the Niners took him over... over... well, they could have taken Aaron Rodgers. To quote KSK, "Aaron Rodgers: Bust or Disappointment?"