Sunday, February 11, 2007

Replacing Beckham?

by SonDog

I did not play soccer as a youngster. In fact, my entire soccer experience consists of the two days during my senior year that I participated in my high school's soccer tryout, at the behest of my buddy NaceDog. I use the term "participated" very loosly. It was more like, "run around and try not to make an ass out of myself."
At any rate, soccer has increased tenfold in popularity in the states since that time. Couple that with the fact that my son has English citizenship (I have plans to send him to "summer camp" in England when he is old enough -- G-Pop, be ready), I have no doubt that he will soon be calling "football" one of his favorite sports.

My English brother-in-law (Simon) loves soccer. His favorite team is the Bolton Wonderers. In addition to putting me on notice that we will watch a game in person when we are overseas in April, Simon thought it best to get J-Pup educated on "real football" at a young age. So, for Christmas, Simon bought Jackson his own Bolton uniform.

The arrival of Beckham to the states has piqued my curiosity about soccer. I may even take Jackson to a Colorado Rapids game this year, who knows (only if we can fit it in between Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. I don't know if we'll have time!). I do know that I'm looking forward to watching my son play soccer one of these days, screaming around the pitch with the skill of a true Englishman. Or at least, that's how I envision it happening. Regardless, I just wanted to share with my loyal readers (all two of you) the most recent picture of my future soccer player... (insert "awwwwww" sound-track here):

Jackson K. Future English Premier League superstar


Whitey219 said...


Great pic! I never played soccer either but I think it is a great sport for kids. I am sure that when I have a little one I will start keeping up with the EPL.

OZ said...

That jersey is awesome and Jackson looks ridiculously cute. Simon rules!

C-lo said...

I hope he can control his temper on the field better than I ever could. So stinkin' cute!

the butler said...

dude I'm down to go to a game as well, I think we should start a huge fire in the stands and assault a ref.

SonDog said...

Did y'all know that "Hooligan" is a kin to a swear word in England? I asked Lisa if I could act like a Hooligan at the match, and I thought she was going to hyperventalate.

By the way Whitey, OZ, C-lo... in order to have your name back up on the "contributor" portion, you need to sign in to "new blogger." The site has been switched over to something through google. You're all still contributors. Don't know why I felt the need to mention that, but I did.

the butler said...

"Hooligan" basically means to them what "radical islamic terrorist" means to Yanks. But we could still start a small celebratory fire in the stands during the game and throw blunt objects at refs without officially falling under the "hooligan" category. I think you have to put two or more people in the hospital before truly qualifying for that term.