Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mel Kiper Grades Like a Kindergarten Teacher

What's wrong, Mel? You talk such a big game, reaming the Dolphins, Titans, and Eagles (among others)- raving about how bad their picks were. And what grades do you give out to express your rabid disagreement? C minus? Oooooohhhh, not a C MINUS!

How do you expect these draft committees to learn from your scathing if you let them slide by with respectable grades? No D's? No F's? What, you don't want these kids in your class again next year, is that it? You're just gonna let them slide their way through life with no accountability whatsoever?

Come on, Mel. Grow some stones. For the children.


SonDog said...

How did Mel Kiper get this job? Seriously. How. Did. He. Get. This. Job?

Eric said...

I am not an ESPN Insider so I don't have that link but I heard that he also did not give out a single "A" grade. Which means that his grade range was between a "B+" and "C-".

After the Dolphins picked Ted Ginn Jr. with the 9th pick I thought Kiper was going to go crazy. He just sat there stone faced for about half an hour after he was finally done going crazy about how that was practically the biggest mistake in NFL draft history. But, at the very worst he gave the Dolphins a C- Grade. There's something wrong with that guy.

the butler said...

It's true...no A's either.

He's a hard ass kindergarten teacher...like the ones in da hood.

DMo said...

Yeah, he said the Niners had the best draft this year and what did he give them...B+ Great, thanks Mel. Shouldn't someone get a fucking A? Guess not. Well it's now time for Mel to go crawl in a hole for the next 11 months till we need his poofy hair and football knowledge.