Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ramblings of Note

Why not put up links to other great posts? Exactly. Why. The Hell. Not!

What Peyton Manning really did on Derby Day. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Are the Atlanta Braves a bunch of racisits? (Nation of Islam Sportsblog)

Sondog knows you're gonna watch... (Bitterfans)

Durant vs. Oden (Bitterfans)

Greg Oden really IS an old bastard (Deadspin)

Pacman Jones's lawyers have compiled a list of every NFL player arrested since the year 2000. And it's long as hell.

Vote for the Best Sports Movie of All-Time and Hottest Girlfriend/Wife in Sports (Our Book of Scrap)

Speaking of hot...I heart Pole Vaulting (With Leather)

Pau Gasol - Should he stay or should he go? (David's Memphis Grizzlies Blog)

Ramblings of an Angry Fan (The Angry Fan)

Curt Schilling admits he is a douchebag (38Douchypitches)

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SonDog said...

Um, yeah, the pole vaulting chick? I gotta be honest...