Thursday, May 24, 2007

Now, Wait Just a Second...

Ummmm, okay. Since Roger Goodell suspended Pacman Jones for the season, I've had quite a few debates with various folks. Being a Titans fan, I'm undoubtedly biased in favor of Mr. Jones. It's plain and simple: he's a great player and we will miss him on the field.

My only point of debate is this: Pacman should not have received TWICE AS HARSH a suspension as Chris Henry. Period. Had Goodell given Pacman 8 games like he gave Henry, fine. Satisfied. Fair and balanced judgement. No arguments. See ya in week 10, Pacman.

Debating this issue has been somewhat of a "case study in media manipulation"...if you will. (and if you won't, then SCREW YOU BUDDY!)

We all know that "the evil media" will slant/exaggerate any story in order to make it appealing to us, their "believe everything you hear on TV" audience. As a direct result of this evil slanting, each of these scholarly debates I've had has begun with "clearing up the facts". For example, many believe that Pacman Jones has been arrested 10 times in the past year and a half. Why? Because every news story you hear says, "Pacman has been arrested and/or questioned by police 10 times in the past year and a half...", which is true. But most people only hear, "Pacman has been arrested 10 times in the past year and a half". And that's exactly what they want you to hear.

So last night I'm having another Pacman debate. This time with my good friend Trey in Georgia. Now, Trey is tough to win a debate with. He's very firm in his original stance, and would rather argue points he doesn't even believe before admitting defeat.

I'm making my usual points with Trey, namely that I don't understand how Goodell came up with his formula for suspensions. Then Trey argues, "I don't think Goodell is going to suspend Tank Johnson for as long (if at all) because he's already served his debt to society (meaning his jail sentence)".


Lot's of rebuttals come to mind...didn't even really know where to begin. All I know is Pacman would gladly serve 45 days in prison if it meant he could play this year. Only problem is...he hasn't been convicted of any crimes yet.

Trey also was wrong in thinking Tank had been forced to miss the Super Bowl because of all his troubles. I tried to tell him this, but no..."I bet on the game... I should know!" he says.

Last but not least...and no doubt my favorite of Trey's irrational points: "Somebody died because of Pacman's crimes...they just found some guns at Tank's house...he didn't shoot anyone or anything...that's a victimless crime".

Well, except for his bodyguard. Pretty sure he's considered a victim.

Let's just compare the big three (Pacman, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson)

Chris Henry:

Dec '05- pulled over for speeding, ganja found in his shoe, driving w/out a liscence or insurance.
Jan '06- arrested for multiple gun charges including concealment and assault with a firearm. May '06- investigated by police in connection with a sex crime (no charges filed)
Jun '06- DUI
Oct '06- suspended for two games for violating NFL substance abuse policy
Jan '07- pleaded guilty to charges of providing alcohol to minors

Summary: Four arrests, plead guilty the first three times to avoid jail time, his fourth resulted in him only serving 2 days of his 90-day jail term (many thought he'd have to serve the rest after the whole drug test false alarm the other day).

Pacman Jones:
Jul '05- arrested after punching a nightclub owner (acquitted)
Feb '06- arrested for possession of some Dank Buds. (still in court)
Mar '06- searched by police for suspicion of sticky-icky smoking. (no charges)
Aug '06- arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication after claiming a woman stole his wallet. Then he spit a big wad of snot on her face. (6 months probation)
Oct '06- arrested for misdemeanor assault for spitting in yet another woman's face at yet another nightclub. (acquitted)

*So there are the five arrests...two for smokin' chron, two for spittin' on a ho, and one for punching a night club owner who was probably hatin'.

Feb '07- Vegas thing that we have all heard about millions of times, yet no one knows what really happened. (no charges or arrests)

Summary: Five arrests, plea bargained the night club owner one, ZERO jail time. Oh, and the cops talked to him a couple other times, too.

Tank Johnson:
Nov '05- arrested at a nightclub for having a gun in his car (probation)
Feb '06- charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest after verbally threatening a cop.
Dec '06- charged with weapons possession after police find six firearms, including two assault rifles, in Tank's crib. Tank wasn't there, so his bodyguard took the fall for the 2 ounces of "one-hitta-quitta" they found.
Dec '06- (two days later) Tank's scapegoat bodyguard shot and killed at a bar (similar to Pacman's Vegas situation in that Tank has never been charged with anything connected to this incident)

Summary: Three arrests, 45 days in jail.


Anyone else think Pacman deserves the same punishment as the other two?


Jim V said...

I absolutely agree.

Greetings from the great North (of Colorado).

How about that Cutler?

the butler said...

greetings to you good sir,

thanks for stopping by- yes, Cutler should be interesting to watch this season. Being a TN boy, I've held on to my love for the Titans- I'm hoping to score some tickets to the Monday night game (Titans at Broncos) on Nov. 19 to see the Vince Young vs. Cutler match-up.

C-lo said...

Butler, you are one man with whom I'd never like to debate. Nice work.

SonDog said...

With the fourth pick in the 2007 NBA draft, the Memphis Grizzlies select... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!!?

the butler said...

the Memphis Grizzlies select...

to jump off a tall balcony.

But fo real, I want Brandan Wright.

SonDog said...

Even people in England were laughing at Boston's luck. "And with the fifth pick, the Boston Celtics select... another ten years of misery." I hope it has some upside and length.

By the way, do you think any of the guys on your list (Pac, Henry, Tank) will be doing any service for the NFL sponsored United Way? And if they volunteer, don't you think even inner-city shelters would say, "You know what? I don't think you need to come by. We're just fine. But thanks."

Awful Chief said...

I totally agree with you. How has Pacman 'damaged' the league more than the other two? In fact, I can't think of an example of an athlete's conduct off the field of play having an impact on the health of the league, when that conduct has nothing to do with athletics or the league.
Black Sox scandal? bad for the image of the league. BALCO? bad for the image of the league.
Rae Caruth, Nate Newton, Ray Lewis, and these three knuckleheads damaged their own reputations and maybe you could argue the NFL players association, but not the NFL. There is no way that the NFL is losing out on TV money over any of this.

SonDog said...

Um, Butler, did your head explode upon hearing that Tank got 8 games?

the butler said...

re: tank 8 games-

I dunno...sometimes we must blindly trust 'ol Rog. I'm sure the mathematical formula he uses is very precise, accurate, and fair; albeit much too perplexing for the likes of laymen such as ourselves.

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