Saturday, May 19, 2007

Playoff Preview: Conference Finals Edition

What do San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Detroit and Cleveland have in common? They make the short list for Cities I Would Only Consider Moving to if I Were on Hallucinogens. But, hey, Sacramento is on that list to (sorry OZ), so what the hell does my opinion mean? That's right: Nothing.

Just about the only thing I know about San Antonio. Word has it that Bruce Bowen played a big part in the massacre at this place.

Oh yeah, those four cities also make up the Conference Finals.

San Antonio vs. Utah -- I'll admit it, I am rooting for Tim Duncan to win his fourth title. Primarily because I hate Kobe Bryant and I want Duncan to have more titles than the guy who dares give himself a moniker. Seriously, I will never get over the fact that The Mamba is a nickname that Bryant gave himself and that it is based off of a female character from a Tarentino movie. Never.

But I'll also admit that I despise Manu Ginobili, despite his strong season for my fantasy team. I despise Bruce Bowen as well and consider him the dirtiest player in the history of Western Civilization, or at least since John Stockton. And speaking of Utah, everybody is on the "Utah shouldn't be taken for granted, they're underrated!" kick right now. Which, naturally, begs the question: If everybody considers a team underrated, will Isiah Thomas give the team a seven-year extension AND a first round draft pick? (If Thomas doesn't make a run at Vince Carter this off-season, it's only because Dolan has duct-taped him to the basement of Madison Square Garden.)

Cleveland vs. Detroit -- Bill Simmons nailed it the other day when he said, "I dare anyone to come up with a "Top 10 Moments from the 2007 Eastern Conference Playoffs list. Go ahead. I dare you.." Pretty much sums up my feelings about the East.

You know what stings, and stings bad? Watching C-Webb play a critical complimentary role on a team that can win a championship. And you know what? He's not only doing a tremendous job, but he's totally accepted the fact that he's a complimentary player and a complimentary player only. Seriously, he's probably the fifth most important player on Detroit. The same could have been said in 2004 when he was with Sacramento, only he still thought he was "the man," despite the fact that the Kings would have been better if he started at PF for the Sacramento Country wheelchair AAU team, seeing as how he was playing on one leg at the time. (And if that makes me a bad person for saying that, so be it.)

You hear that Webber? That's the sound of championship dreams gone by.


OZ said...

I've been positive towards SA for the Duncan-Pop era as I can appreciate a team that can play defense on a consistent basis, but the series with the Suns has definitely changed my mind.

I like blaming the media for nearly everything that is wrong with the world, but I don't think they needed to put a slant on the nastiness that was so apparent in that series.

In short, I like Duncan, but "Booooo SA".

And what's with the Sacramento cheap shot? Ass.

Runs With Two Horses said...

I've heard both Reggie Miller and Greg Anthony point out that Bruce Bowen has been implicated in several so-called "dirty plays" during his career, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a dirty player. I think that makes sense for an isolated incident, but it seems like a long history of dirty plays is exactly what you would look for in calling someone a dirty player.

With Duncan, David Robinson, and Sean Elliot, San Antonio used to be the All-Nice Guy Team, but retirement, Ginobili and Bowen have taken away from that. Now Houston's front line of Battier, Hayes, and Yao has powered the Rockets to the forefront of the All-Nice Guy Team. They might need to bring in AC Green as the next head coach, just to make sure they have something to hang their hats onto in Houston.

SonDog said...

OZ, sorry dude. Just felt like I had to be honest if I was knocking some of the other cities. I'd live in Chico again, if that counts.

Runs, Houston picked up Adelman to coach that group. You know why Adelman is the perfect coach for Houston? Because Yao is perfect for the high-post offense. He might average 5 assists a game next year, mark my words.