Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cold Potato, Cold Potato

posted by BH

There is news this morning out of Australia that the Wiggles are going to announce the departure of lead singer Greg Page.

These are sad, sad times for little boys and girls.

Seriously though, they sang the least obnoxious, most clever, enjoyable kids songs I can remember from a kids' group.

Sorry. No pantless Greg pics.


SonDog said...

And where, may I ask, did you come across this story?

C-lo said...

Don't hate, you'll be posting stories like this soon enough.

SonDog said...

No, I won't.

(Father-denial for, "Yes, I will.")

bh said...

Day care. Not really.

DMo said...

Hahahaa!!! You have kids and listen to bouncey kid music compossed by Queers! Getting high in my garage all of a sudden sounds pretty cool! Well no, I guess not.

glamerica said...

so this is what I have to look foward to?


bh said...

Yes. And everyone, always ends up singing along. It's unfucking avoidable.