Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Peja: Mr. Big Shot (according to Chris Paul)

by SonDog

-- If you got a chance to watch Peja Stojakovic rain three's from all over the building last night, you know it was a thing of beauty. Kings fans remember the days of Peja going unconscious for spells (not often enough, mind you), but last night was just insane. He scored the first 20 points of the game for Oklahoma City, was the undisputed leader of the team (for one night, mind you), and I found out that he still has a smoking hot wife.

Anways, it was just one game, and any Kings fan will tell you that Peja made it clear through his career that he's not capable of doing this on a nightly basis. That being said, the interview Chris Paul gave to the Charlotte Bobcats' sideline reporter after the game was priceless. It went something like this (loose paraphrase, but generally accurate).

Reporter: "Chris, you didn't score tonight (he actually had 2 points), but Peja really picked up the slack. What did you see?"

CP3: "Well, he was just draining shots. You know. He was hitting from everywhere." (Thanks for the keen observation.)

Reporter: "What else does Peja bring to the team, like in the lockerroom? What do fans not see?"

CP3: "I think just his confidence and composure. You know, Peja has been through and seen it all in the NBA, and he is a calming presence every night for us. He's just so clutch that he can step up and hit the big shot like it's nothing. He's done it his whole career."

Um, Chris? You might want to check the video archive. When exactly did you start watching Peja? I'm pretty sure you were still in high school when Peja famously airballed the game 7 trey against the Lakers, but I'm sure it's on tape somewhere. Do you not remember him shrinking away from any and all big shots in his years as a King?

By the way, did Peja and his arms/chest have a bad accident with a bottle of Nair? Have you seen this? It's both horrifying and comical. Kind of like Peja's game.


OZ said...

Nice link for Peja's wife. That guy has a cool site though.

Anonymous said...

Peja wasn't clutch in sacramento. Indiana he was amazing and for the very few games he played in nok he was proved himself to be a clutch player . Get over yourself, the past is the past. What's important now is what he does in NOK, and the affect that he'll have in the 07-08 season. okay bye