Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"The Worldwide Leader"

posted by BH

The following is from ESPN.com's frontpage, under a picture of Bob Knight.

If you've seen "the slap," you've no doubt drawn your own conclusions. As for Bob Knight's feelings about his actions Monday night? He's clear about two things: He wasn't wrong ... and he'd do it again.

Seriously, is anyone calling this thing "the slap," um...especially when it wasn't a slap? The website ran a poll all day asking, "If it involved a coach other than Bob Knight, would last night's incident have been a big deal?" 79% of respondents said "no." Clearly, no one, including the player, his parents, Texas Tech and the school's AD, and Knight think the moment was an issue, yet ESPN can't stop talking about it. Is the goal of the network to report and reflect the nation's sports interests, or create and shape them?

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the butler said...

This one is my all-time favorite...


A Youtube search on Bobby K. turned up some funny shit.