Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ok, I Admit It

by C-lo
I swore on everything holy that I would NEVER watch "Dancing with the Stars", but I have caved. Not only did I watch the final competition on Tuesday evening, I also voted 3 times for Mr. Emmitt Smith and partner. I guess it paid off as last night the 3-time Super Bowl Champion and once Super Bowl MVP Emmitt Smith was crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champion, complete with hidiously tacky disco ball trophy after defeating AC Slater, I mean, Mario Lopez. It truly was an amazing transformation. While I made fun of Emmitt for the past 12 weeks about taking part in this show, I now must respect the man for showing that he can still be a champion.



SonDog said...

I like his shirt. It's sexy. How do you describe that color other than "awesome?"

C-lo said...

The week before was the same shirt and matching armband but in leopard print. Yeah baby!