Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rockies Review

by SonDog

While visiting the Colorado Rockies camp, two things became clear: 1) They suck. 2) Again.

Over the last five years in Colorado I've learned that Denver is a fantastic sports town. I've been to plenty of games for all 3.5 major sports teams (the NHL only counts for 1/2 these days) in Denver and the fans are as passionate as any around the country. The Pepsi Center, Invesco Field and Coors Field are all great venues.

In my opinion, Coors Field is one of the best parks in the country to watch a game. All the Rockies have to do is put a competitive team on the field and the fans will show up. Problem is, they haven't done that for about seven years, and the fans can't take anymore. How can you root for a team when you know going into the season that they are going to be horrible? As Kings fans, there was a time when we were able to answer that question.

Coors Field: Beautiful park, hideous team

Apparently, solving the mystery of pitching at altitude is harder than dissecting the intricacies of quantum physics. Pitching will once again be the Rockies' downfall. I had the pleasure of watching Colorado's 1 and 2 starters (Jason Jennings and Jeff Francis) get absolutely rocked in Arizona.

Everytime I drive by Coors Field, I want to pull a Jack Kevorkian on the park to put the girl out of her misery. At this point, I've even contemplated (like George Louis Costanza in an early Seinfeld episode) about sending my resume in to Rockies' management for General Manager. The team has some young players that may produce but, other than Todd Helton, there is absolutely nobody on that roster that scares you (unless you count Jose Mesa's ugly mug).

The Rockies could be... you know what?... Whatever.


oz said...

You never see people outside of Denver have Rockies gear on. Every other team I can think of has out of town fans except for the Rockies. Why is that?

sondog said...

It's the same reason you don't see anybody wearing Tampa Bay Devil Rays hats, or Charlotte Bobcats jerseys (with the exception of my Gerald Wallace jersey that is on order), or Arizona Cardinals jackets... they suck.