Friday, March 23, 2007

Best Lefty NBA Players

Random, yes...whatever. These things are fun, right? Without needless introduction, I hereby declare the All-Left-Handed Teams from Then and Now. (I know...this is going to be AWESOME!!!)

Note: Larry Bird, Lebron James, Gary Payton, and Tracy McGrady are all left-handed, but they shoot with their right, so they don't count.


C- Bill Russell

F- Willis Reed

F- Dave Cowens

G- Lenny Wilkins

G- Nate Archibald


C- Chris Bosh

F- Lamar Odom

F- Josh Smith

G- Michael Redd

G- Manu Ginobili

Honorable Mention (Then): David Robinson, Chris Mullin, Bill Walton, Bob Lanier

Honorable Mention (Now): Tayshaun Prince, David Lee, Nick Van Exel (not a then yet, he played last season), Cuttino Mobley


Natty Bumpo said...

You've got to show Jalen Rose some love.

the butler said...

yeah, yeah. I guess I could add Rose to the Honorable Mention list-

Here's a best NCAA lefty list for ya-

G- Kenny Anderson
G- Jalen Rose
F- Calbert Cheaney
F- Derrick Coleman
C- Josh McRoberts (just kidding)

C- Sam Perkins

HM: Ed O'Bannon, Travis Best, Stacey Augmon