Monday, March 26, 2007


No. This is a goddamn press release from ESPN, occupying the top spot in the headlines section this morning. Problems abound...

-Theisman sucks.

-What is the prominent position within ESPN? What is a more prominent position than color guy for MNF. Shlub at the end of the desk of 'Sunday NFL Countdown?'

-The story contradicts itself.

Jaworski replaces Joe Theismann, who has been offered a prominent football analyst job with the network.

We appreciate the work Joe has done for 19 years and continue to talk with him about another high-profile football role with ESPN.

-Theisman really sucks!


the butler said...

When I first heard about Theisman leaving I danced a jig like Bruce Willis in the Last Boy Scout.

Wooooo Hoooo!

Then I heard Jaworski was replacing him....


I feel like I just heard that Bush is stepping down as President, but Hillary is replacing him.

bh said...

Jaworski talks in commas.

I don't think Theisman has a sense of humor. Listening to Kornheiser say something funny and Theisman responding like he'd missed the joke was brutal.