Friday, March 16, 2007


by Whitey

Here is my story......

I grew up in Mechanicsville, Va. A suburb of Richmond. Basicly nothing but rednecks. No one in my family ever went to college. School was not my thing. Anyway, I managed to graduate somewhere around 160 out of 260.

My mom was a single mom. She raised me, my little sister, and little brother without much help from my old man. Since I was the oldest I was the first to start thinking about college. WEll we knew jack shit about colleges. But we did know that we had NO money. So we figured that the only way I could go to school would be to commute to Virginia Commonwealth University. Back then (1996) no one gave a damn about our school. We didn't even have a bookstore. It was basicly a commuter school full of adults taking night classes. We have no football team and the basketball team sucked. One of my best friends went to UVA. (he graduated 3rd in our class) I then adopted UVA as "my" sports school. Always pulling for them in football and basketball. I have even had season tix to football for the past 3 years. Anyway, after I left VCU (I did not graduate. But I do work here) they poured a TON of money into it. We now have a SWEET basketball arena and many, many nice facilities. People even have school sprit!!! It helps that the basketball team has been getting better.

I was always one of the kids that HATED UNC. All of the rednecks here LOVE UNC. Fuck that. I would pull for Duke before I rooted for UNC. Well then I went to college and started rooting for UVA. I never hated the blue devils but they were also never my favorite. UVA was.

Back to this year. VCU has an excellent year in b-ball. Wins the conference (CAA) and the conference tourney. Earn an 11 seed in the Big Dance. Who do they draw? Duke. Well I have to pull for the school I went to. So me and my finacee (she was on the dance team for 4 years) go up to the local wing place last night to meet my boys and watch the game. NEVER in my life have I seen so many blow calls and crybaby actting jobs! I swear the refs WANTED the Dookies to win! And all their flopping around could have won them Oscars!!! I will never, ever pull for those crybaby assholes ever again.


the butler said...

Nice win Whitey. You guys definitely deserved it. We SUCKED this year, and last night was no different. Never in my life have I seen a Duke team without a press-breaking point guard.

Being a life-long Duke fan has been a very interesting experience. It seems that no team in any sport I can think of is hated quite like people hate Duke. It's like an anti-bandwagon of sorts.

But hey, when a team wins like that for so long I guess that's what happens. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion.

I have to agree I remember some questionable calls from last night...but I also remember some questionable calls going both ways. It seems like the "refs want Duke to win" thing comes up every single game they play in. I just always wondered why the refs would be immune to the "hate Duke" virus that has seemingly spread across the country.

But yeah, much deserved win for VCU. You won't hear any whining or crying from this Duke fan. Only prayers to God Almighty, for Him make Greg Paulus want to transfer.

DMo said...

I hate Duke more than the Dodgers and Cowboys combined. They are sports anti-christ. I picked them to lose yesterday and my bracket looks great. I also won $100 on Dukes "tragic" loss. Ha, haaaa, FUCK DUKE AND ALL OF THEIR PRETENCIOUS FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!

DMo said...

Oh, and I have hated them since the Hurley years.

SonDog said...

We have a DMo sighting! We have a DMo sighting! That's all I have to say.