Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who's It Gonna Be?

The Round of Sixteen. Here we go. Many of you are still banging your heads against the wall because that one douchebag in your pool who picked all favorites is killing it. Or maybe you listened to Simmons a little too closely and picked Texas to make the Final Four. My bracket's hopes currently rest on Texas A&M making the Final Four.

So who's gonna take the glorious road to a Championship this year? I've got the gyrating Gators in my bracket, but I think there are a handful of teams that are going to make some serious noise. How sweet would a Kansas - UNC Final be? As sweet as those damn Watermelon Airheads (why can't I find those in Vail?).

Plenty of games to look forward to tonight and tomorrow. Can my great home state of Tennessee produce three teams in the Final Eight? Probably not. But look for Bruce Pearl and the Vols to give OSU some straight-up hell. I think the Big Orange have a better chance than Memphis and Vandy, actually. Southern Cal's hot, Oregon's hot, UNLV's hot...

Happy Madness to All, and let's get pissed.

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