Saturday, March 10, 2007

For My Next Trick, I'm Going to Attempt to Kill This Beautiful Woman, Using a Slam Dunk Contest as a Prop

by SonDog

I know what you're thinking, but there was no way Ron Artest was going to receive this week's You Dumb Bastard Award. The man was grandfathered in to the YDB Hall of Fame for chrisssakes, therefore inelligible for additional weekly honors. So, on to our weekly award...

Slam dunk contests should be outlawed in Europe. Seriously. A European Slam Dunk contest makes about as much sense as a valet service in Baghdad. With that in mind, this week's winner of the YDB is some guy we're going to name, Silly European Guy Trying to Get Some Cheerleader Ass but Going About it the Wrong Way.

Take a look:

I first came across this video on the Postmen blog, and I think Deadspin linked to it as well. But everytime I see it I laugh my ass off. I mean, the guy DOESN'T EVEN COME CLOSE to clearing the girl. Look, if you're going to try something like this in front of thousands (okay, okay, dozens) of people, you should at least be confident you're not going to bulldoze your prop like a snowplow on I-70. ESPECIALLY if that prop is a beautiful woman you hand-picked from the crowd.

So, Silly European Guy Trying to Get Some Cheerleader Ass but Going About it the Wrong Way... You Dumb Bastard. Congratulations. You are this week's winner.


OZ said...

I love the number 23 being worn to boot. There should be some kind of a test guys have to take if they want to wear that number at a professional level.

the butler said...

That clip could make me laugh if I watched it a million times.

My favorite parts:

1) The douchebag places the model oh so carefully, giving her the "don't move...I've got you in the perfect position" gesture

2) The one judge fishing around the scorecards..."are there not any negative numbers in here?"

Whitey219 said...

I am at a loss for words.....

C-lo said...

he's white...what did you expect? i personally liked how he didn't even go with the leg spread in an attempt to possibly miss her. just straight up knocked her out!