Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This is Why I Love the Internet

by SonDog

Okay, if you're a regular reader of, you saw this yesterday. However, if you're not reading, and I know many of you are not (ahem, OZ, ahem), you have to check out this website: Ballers w/ Randoms. (Which reminds me... If you are as pissed off at ESPN and its coverage of sports as the rest of the free world, then you should be reading Deadspin. That's all there is to it.) According to Deadspin, Ballers w/Randoms was originally stumbled upon by the guys at Free Darko (a tremendous NBA blog).

Ballers w/Randoms is a collection of NBA players partying with people like this:

Chaz Villanueva, the hairless wonder

Why is this interesting? I don't really know. It's like watching a minor car crash, I guess. There's just something there that forces you to look. Where else are you going to see Calvin Booth huggin' it out with a couple of random white chicks? There's nothing too risque on the site, just a bunch of NBA players with drinks, but it's a good way to waste half an hour.


the butler said...

Duhon is a PIMP! Way to represent the Blue Devils. I think it's funny he's rolling with Hinrich, while Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas, and PJ Brown are probably making it rain on skrippuhs somewhere

Now I have something to reference when people call Duke gay. Kind of.

Brian said... stuff like this. Half of these guys look psyched to be posing with random college girls, the other half totally embarassed. Tony P's photo has to be favorite--what a tool.