Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ah, bugger!

Did you know the Yankees lost last night becasue of bugs? You probably haven't heard about it yet. And the really wierd part is that it was only the Yanks who were affected. Crazy. My favorite quote in an story is,

With bugs sticking to his muscular, sweaty neck, Chamberlain threw a wild pitch in the eighth that gave Cleveland the tying run. Three innings later, the Indians won it.

Muscular, sweaty neck? You sir, just won the 'Gayest Thing Written' award. And who thinks any part of Joba Chamberlain is muscular? He looks like a tub of, well, not muscles. At least he's sporting a sane outlook on the whole thing.

They were in front of my face, but I wasn't the only one who had to deal with it. They didn't show up just for me. You can look at it a million ways, but when you come down to it, we were in the loss column. And it's because I didn't do my job.

I thouroughly enjoyed watching the Yankees make a production of the whole thing. Jeter waving his hat in front of his face was delightful. 'The Captain' would have been smart to avoid adding fuel to the clearly rattled Chamberlain's fire, but instead acted like a ten year-old on a camping trip.

Thankfully, it's not really the Yankees who are making excuses. It's really been media types. Yes, it was bad. For both teams. Fausto Carmona threw nine innings of three hit ball, the last two innings being just as buggy as they were for New York. Not really mentioned in most articles though.

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