Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jinxy Jinx Jinx

ESPN.com is running a story today that says one out of five fans do things to avoid jinxing players. Not shocking, except I would think it's higher than that, especially in baseball. My guess would be around four out of five or nine of ten fans do things to help there team win games. The idea that I try not to "jinx" my team isn't exactly accurate. It's more dependent on the situation. If my team is leading, then yes, I try not to jinx them. If the team is down though, I will try to help pull them out however I can. My big thing when watching a game on television is changing channels to chenge or keep momentum. Now, I've posted before that momentum is not real. Well, neither are the chances that my actions affect the game on the field, so sense is out the window with this whole conversation. Anyway, If the Giants are up a couple runs or playing well and I want to see what else is on, I'll change the channel, then go back to them game, then change and go back once more. If they are down or playing like shit, I'll just change it and go back once. That's my standard interference for all sports really, though it's most pronounced in baseball. I've had that one since I was probably twelve. And it's not just when I'm watching. In essence, doing anything once will switch or turn off the momentum. If I spit once, I need to spit again to get things right. I have to kick dirt twice, take two bites, two drinks and so on.

So it's not only about jinxing. It's about helping in any way. It's got to be higher than 20%.

What developed this sense of self-importance in all of us? Maybe just us wanting to be a part of the action. Maybe we're all just kind of stupid. Or narcisism explains it all.

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Anonymous said...

We may be crazy but it's all about helping the team. I can't tell you how many games I've lost for the Giants because I had to piss.