Saturday, October 06, 2007

Start the Campaign

Sept 6, 2008 is "Who Gives a Shit Saturday" in college football.

Today is "Gut Check Saturday," according to ESPN, ESPN News, ESPN Radio and ABC. When did this start happening? You know, the naming each weekend in college football thing? Last weekend it was "Trap Door Saturday." ??? I remember "Rivalry Weekend" being pretty much it until a few years ago. Now, it seems every weekend has a name. Come on. Seriously. Can't we just know that Oklahoma and Texas are going to play? LSU and Florida isn't appealing? Why the name? Gut Check? Can't the games be enough without the douchewads at the Worldwide Leader calling a brainstorming session to discuss what to name each weekend?

Douche 1: "How about 'Acid Reflux Saturday?' You know, since it's so stressful."

Head Douche: writing on the butcher paper draped over the easel
"...cid reflux...L-U-X...okay, but that seems a little technical for the Corso crowd."

Douche 2: "Yeah, we need something that says 'I'm going to deep fry some crawdads in the back of the truck, then tell the Gators to go to hell all day. Like 'Gut-Bomb' or 'Hip Check."

Douche 1: "I got it"
Miming an imaginary banner over his head
"Gut Check Saturday. You feel me?"

So September 6th of '08 needs to be,

BH: Miming an imaginary banner over his head
"Who Gives a Shit Saturday."

You know, when the games consist of out-of-conference teams facing each other. Virginia Tech against Ohio. Stanford vs. San Jose St. Baylor and Texas St. Those games in which only alumni really care. When the casual college fan doesn't...give...a...shit?

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