Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Stuff I Now Know About Baseball

Joe Buck didn't watch any of the League Division Series. He said the Indians hadn't seen many lefties in the playoffs, since they'd played the Red Sox and Angels. Hmm.

Manny Ramirez is a fucking idiot. Clueless. Fucking. Idiot.

Frank TV is still literally going to change the face of late night television. And I still don't know what that means.

Kenny Lofton has played for 11 teams?

Just having played professional baseball doesn't make you good at talking about baseball. Tony, I'm looking at you.

Crowds in Denver and Cleveland are electric. That's what Joe and Chip tell me.

Joe still tells me what I should think about baseball, rather than calling the play. "There's a good piece of hitting by..."

Ken Rosenthal is worthless. Seriously, give a fifth-grader a mike and camera, and he/she will share more insight.

This is our country. Xenophobic?

I really like watching games with the sound off. I can do other stuff, and still be entertained by the game! I finished I Am America (And So Can You!) in two nights, and didn't really have to listen to Joe...until I finished it in the fifth inning of game 4 tonight. So now I know, FOX could be making money showing the game while a book is being read on air. That would be awesome.

There is a dirty ball epidemic in baseball. I thought it was a couple isolated cases. Epi. dem. ic. And Joe Buck must be a ballologist, because he is verbally washing nuts like crazy.

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