Friday, October 05, 2007

Chip Caray is a gold mine!

I mean, he totally sucks, but God it's good listening if you like to blog about stupidity and overall crapiness. Caray really likes to dramatize things. He's like the annoying girlfriend who likes to stir things up even though she's really stupid and hasn't got a clue about anything but is sure she does of play-by-play guys. Last night, he wondered out loud if the Yankees had made a mistake by not having Jeter lay down a sac bunt. The Indians won 12-3. Tonight he reminded viewers that if Jorge Posada had handled a Reviera strikeout of Grady Sizemore, the Yanks would have been out of the inning. Not really though. That would have been the second out, and the rest is theoretical. And the Yankees escaped the inning. I think it's a technique hackish play-by-play guys employ so they can sound smarter later. Like some way to cover your bases. A whole outlook of 20-20 hindsight. If you raise the idea of whether a manager has made the right move or not, you get the kudos when the moves blows up. I wonder if Caray does that at home.

"Honey? One wonders if you shouldn't have fed the dog Pedigree, when there's a can of Iams in the pantry."

If the dog yarfs up the Pedigree, Caray looks brilliant. If not, no one's really going to remember since he says a lot of stupid shit anyway.


SonDog said...

I feed my dogs the Wal-Mart generic shit. Recall be damned.

bh said...

That shit gives every dog I've ever heard of gas.

Anonymous said...

Chip Caray is worse than dog shit - he's dog shit with a microphone and a 'pedigree.' He's so fucking wrong and makes so many mistakes, it makes me want to say his drunkard grandfather sucked too ... but saying anything bad about Harry is just taboo.

All the Carays suck[ed]!

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