Friday, October 05, 2007

And Now, to Denver...

...and the worst baseball experience in the game.

After the Rocks twice whapped the Phillies in Philly, the series is headed to Coors. I was last there on September 5th. The Rockies were already in the midst of a pennant race and my Giants were in town. An hour before game time, my brother and I bought seats 10 rows up on the first base line. Sweet. The stadium, despite the race and baseball's home run king being in town, was 43% full. Bonds yoked a 1st inning bomb, and the Giants won 5-3. No one gave me shit about my SF hat. No one told me to sit down when I stood for every Bonds at-bat.

I've been going to games at Candlestick and Pac-Bell my whole life. The Candlestick crowd knew baseball. Like, really knew baseball. Pac-Bell fans, not as much. They are still knowledgeable, but no one could represent like fans in the days of the 'Stick. The ballpark was there to be a ballpark. I went to a night game in '97 against the Giants and Dodgers. San Fran was down 2 games and needed to sweep the series with LA to tie. Through the entire game, every single pitched drew a reaction from the crowd. No one sat. There was nothing like loud Candlestick. I went to game 4 of the 2002 NLCS between St. Louis and the Giants at Pac-Bell. It was dead compared to that '97 game. Oh, fans cheered but, it lacked the same passion. Pac Bell is more about the amusement park, as are most of the new fields in baseball. You get more people at games who know little about the game. Us veterans are the educators. Coors fans make Pac-Bell fans look like a collective group of baseball Einsteins. I've never seen so much random standing during play. Not like 'Matt Holiday is stud and I'm cheering' standing. Regular, 'I feel like standing even though fans behind me can't see' standing. Some fans stood the whole game. Peolpe were up and down during the inning, off to find food or take dumps or see how fast they could throw a ball. It sucked. I ordered a foot-long dog, and the fucking bun fell apart. By the time I was halfway done, I was holding a link in my hand and eating the bun, onions, relish and mustard with a fork. Clueless all the way around. And now that the Rocks are into the postseason, it's getting worse.

Yay! We started liking the Rockies last week!!

The bandwagon is overflowing, but accepting more riders. Denver was oblivious until the end of September. An LA series the Rockies swept from the 18th through the 20 - their next-to-last home series of the year - failed to draw 30,000 for any game. What a joke. I'm sorry, true Rockies fans out there. You are being innundated with goo that's taken the shape of people. I guess the good news is, playoff baseball will earn the otherwise clueless a little more baseball knowledge. Hopefully. Maybe fans in Denver will start asking for a decent dog.


SonDog said...

I can add a lot, but I'll suspend judgement until they are done. We'll see how season ticket sales go for next year. I'm betting not too good.

Although, you have to admit that the talent on the field for the Rockies is pretty impressive. Helton, Tulo, Atkins, Holliday, Spilboroughs, Hawpe... all home grown kids. Francis, Morales, Jimenez, Corpas... all home grown kids. While Brian Sabean was sleeping, the Rockies built a damned good farm system. Which reminds me, why did Sabean say he wanted to model next year's team after the Padres "because pitching and defense will win this division." Um, the D'Backs and Rockies did it with pitching, defense, AND good young position players. The lesson, as always, is that Sabean is a douche.

bh said...

Why are both SF teams trying to model theirs after someone else? Niners = Eagles, Giants = Pads? Lead the curve. I don't want to watch the Padres in Giants unis.

SonDog said...

That's what I don't get. I mean, if you are going to model yourself after a team, don't you want to model yourself after the team that actually wins? It's in many ways comical that the D'Backs and Rockies both made the playoffs while the Pads, Dodgers and Giants all missed out. The two lowest payrolls in the division, and teams who now rely on building from within (at least now, that was not always the case with the D'Backs) won. Interesting.

"Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do... Win the whole fucking thing."

bh said... year, and with 38 year-old guys."

Anonymous said...

Giants fans have been showing up just to see if Juicy Bonds hits a donger since they lost to the Anaheim Angels of the greater Los Angeles area baseball club -- that and for some wicked kayaking!