Monday, October 29, 2007

More drooling

Cal and Tennessee are both 5-3. Cal beat Tennessee in September. Cal's big wins have been the Vols and Oregon. Losses have been to ASU, the #4 team in the country, UCLA, and Oregon St; all 5-3 or better. Tennessee's losses have come to the Bears, a blowout against Alabama, and Florida; all 5-3 or better. Their signature win was against Georgia. So of course the AP has Tennessee ranked ahead of Cal in its latest poll. Brilliant. Cal beat Tennessee in September. Cal beat Tennessee. CAL BEAT TENNESSEE!!! Do AP voters even take into account what has happened on the field? Clueless group of fucktards.

Speaking of fucktards, why does Manny Ramirez get a free pass? He acts like a jackass on the field, and announcers laugh. Last night they had an in-game feature about Manny throwing his helmet off while running the bases. Ever insightful, Tim McCarver said he talked to Francona, who said it is "Manny being Manny." Manny being Manny. I've only heard this 8,000 times over the past ten years. Yay for Manny being Manny! Isn't it fun? Down by three, he hits a bomb, raises his hands, and walks to first base before starting his trot? Manny being Manny. Demands a trade before the season, then relents? What a guy. Can't remember the count? Aaaaaah, that's just Manny. Rips his goddamn helmet off when he's running the bases? Watch us celebrate! Isn't it fun when the Sox are winning? I guess we all know how the East-Coasters love their jackasses as long as they are helping their team win. Lastings Milledge/Jose Reyes/Shelley Duncan anyone?

And finally, there was a lack of play-by-play critique on MHR during this year's Series. If you've read over the past few years, the McCarver/Buck bashing is a tradition. This time, I had the sound down throughout almost every inning of every game. Beautiful. Buck is horrible. Sondog brought it up to me, unsolicited, on Friday. McCarver sports pseudo-insight. So this year's BH World Series Soundtrack consisted of itunes podcasts and playlists. Dude, and it was the most enjoyable play-by-play I've ever heard. Seriously, it was perfect. And I don't have to wait until next year. The Buckster will be back on Sunday morning next week, sporting his BS Call. Yay for the Joe Buck boycott.

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