Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Invisible Heavy Hand

Today's race at Talladega will feature a ton of Toyotas at the front of the field, which wouldn't be as noticeable if the manufacturer hadn't sucked all season. 5 of the top 6 cars are Toyotas. At the April 29th race at Talladega, Toyota had three cars in the race, the first of which was David Reutimann in the 14th spot. Really, the manufacturer has averaged around three qualifiers per race this season, so it isn't just wierd that it has five of the top six, but that it has qualified six cars when it is so far from the norm. Restrictor-plate racing is a different animal, but not this different. Toyota was much faster than anyone else. Dale Jarrett, starting in the 43rd spot, had the 8th fastest time. So really, 6 of the top 8 times belonged to Toyota.

NASCAR has a history of changing its rules as it goes in order to suit its desires. When Matt Kenseth won the Cup a few years ago, NASCAR came up with the Chase for the Cup. When Ford debuted the Thunderbird in the '80s, then the Taurus in the '90's, and the cars dominated, NASCAR made changes to slow them down. Now it appears they have made changes to give Toyota an advantage. All manufacturers' speeds are down this time around at Talladega, except Toyota. Michael Waltrip, the maker's biggest-name driver, has had a hard time making it into races this year, but will sit on the pole - thank you Jean Girard - for the first time in two years. It's not some race in Pheonix no one's going to pay attention to. It's one of NASCAR's biggest races on its signature speedway in the midst of a chase in which everyone, even my mom, is watching. It didn't just happen. Toyota crews didn't just figure it out. We'll see how the race pans out, but Toyotas will be prominent throughout. Ah NASCAR, I can't take you seriously. You're like the WWE ref who turns around while someone gets whacked on the head with a chair.

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