Sunday, April 01, 2007

Let! Them! Play!

Fans were robbed last night.

"Greatest Big-Man Battle Since Ewing vs. Hakeem..." No one will ever know. Impressive as it was to watch Ohio State play so well without him (Ewing/Oden Theory?), I couldn't help but feel a bit deflated. Like when Tyson knocked Spinks out in a minute and a half.

Those damn Zebras had been letting most teams duke it out in classic March Madness fashion up until this game...and when they called that completely obvious make-up foul on Hibbert to give him his second, I felt like ironing pants for the rest of the first half.

Could have been a GREAT game.

Then Afflalo...

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! Two fouls in the first two #$%!& *#$% minutes!!!!!

No way UCLA had a chance without their first team All-American. Josh Shipp played a hell of a game, but alas, not enough. I didn't even care who won, and I actually felt genuinely sorry for the Bruins. Afflalo comes in and scores all of his 17 points in the last 7 minutes of the game.

And we're all left wondering how great those two games might have been.

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Leonard Peltier said...

Sadly, I couldn't even iron my pants because I shit them after seeing the ridiculous number of nickle and dimers. Alas, I just sat there with no pants on, watching lackluster basketball as my legs got cold.