Thursday, March 13, 2008

The best thing that could have happened

The Warriors are way, way better without Chris Webber in the lineup. Okay, they may not be way better, but they are better. C-Webb doesn't add enough to get the minutes he gets. I've got no evidence.

Tim Lincecum yesterday continued the collapse of the Giants starting rotation. Of course it's too early to get concerned, and Giants starters blow every spring. But if somehow the starters continue to approach pitching as though they were gas cans pouring unleaded on dry leaves, it's going to be tough watching for us fans. I'm seriously not interested in watching Dave Roberts in left during the seventh inning of a 15-3 game. I'm not interested in seeing him out there at all, but if the team is going to stink, let's see young-uns play.

Shelley Duncan is a tit. And not a good looking tit. He's a Mrs. Garrison tit. Not only did he slide into second base spikes-up, but has no comprehension of why it was a problem. Titty-tit-tit. "I just play the game hard." Guh. So does everyone else in baseball, you douche. Not everyone else slides in with their spikes up. Yeah, dumbfuck, everyone else has the problem wondering why you took a dirty slide, not you.

The guy who hit the first triple in AT&T Park history was released by the Red Sox.

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