Friday, March 07, 2008

Your MHR 'Lost' update

What? You don't watch it? Psh. GFY.

Last week's episode was probably in the top 5 of the series. Desmond episodes are rad. Of course this week was going to represent a little drop, but overall I'll give it 3 stars out of 4. A lot of issues were raised, which is nice.

Ben's spy on the boat has to be Micheal. Could be Walt. But I think it's Micheal.

Goodwin's wife/Juliet's psychologist wasn't really there, but she was. Yes, Jack and Juliet both saw her, but one thing we've learned from the island is that different dimensions are at work. People aren't dead in the way we think of dead. Jack's Dad was really there, but not. Walt talked to Locke after Locke had been shot by Ben, but Walt was and wasn't there. That's why they disappear so quickly and easily. Ben, somehow, is able to communicate with both sides or multiple sides or whatever the hell is going on, and uses that to his advantage. I may be talking out of my ass. It seems reasonable though that people on the island don't exist in the way we think of existense, and therefore, don't live and die in the way we expect.

As I texted to a buddy this morning, Claire is either about to die or is about to become important. Both would be a first. When she was talking to Locke about talking to Miles, I realized that she's been little more than a Charlie vehicle since the end of the first season. Claire obviously doesn't make it back since Aaron is with Kate, but does she die now? Later? Never, instead staying on the island? Fuck, it's about time she does something.

What a letdown to see that next week is a Jin/Sun episode. I don't see them furthering the story since they've been seemingly superfluous this season anyway.

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