Thursday, March 27, 2008

No 'Lost' tonight

Psshaw. Fuck, I guess I'll watch basketball. In all seriousness, actually watching sports on television, aside from baseball, has become kind of tedious. I'm way more entertained by box scores and fantasy sports. It's something I've worried about, basically all my life, as being less interested in watching sports on television than dissecting information from the game is a clear indication that I'm nearing the dreaded "Ascetic, chai tea-drinking, flower-tending, teetotalling, closet-gay monk," phase of my life. I like watching games live still. Fuck, I'll watch the Chico Outlaws play an intra-squad game. But on television? Meh.

To recap:

Baseball, and maybe college football, on television? Yes.

Anything else? Nah to meh.

Anything live? Yes.
[update]: then it turns out WVU/Xavier is the best game of the tournament.

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