Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Worldwide Leader in Insults

Maybe I get a wee bit too protective of the young Giants' farmhands (And by young, in the Brian Sabean era, I mean guys who are almost 30). But this particular analysis of Nate Schierholtz seems a bit rough. In fact, I doubt Keith Law has ever seen Schierholtz play in person, let alone evaluate his strike zone judgement. Sounds to me like he pulled it directly from the pages of the Baseball America Prospect Handbook (and I've read Schierholtz's bio in there -- he's the #1 ranked position prospect in the system):

Daniel (Stockton, CA): If Nate Schierholtz suddenly realizes that taking pitches and working the count are helpful and not scary, will he be a solid, above-average everyday player?

Keith Law: (12:28 PM ET ) If he suddenly draws 50 walks this year, he's an above-average player. I like his swing and he has some serious juice in his bat. But his plate discipline is atrocious. He might swing at a pickoff throw.

HAAHAHAHAHAH!! Hooo man! Keith, you're hillarious!! HAHAHA!! Really, I can't stop laughing, you're a riot! You wild and crazy guy, you!

I hate what ESPN has done to sports.

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