Friday, March 21, 2008

Chris Parnell kills...

...on 'Miss Guided.' That show before 'Lost,' that I stumbled across last night. The show itself? Meh to bluh. Nice little guest spot with Zoey 101, who makes out with her boyfriend in the episode (brilliant). The show tries to be a little 'Arrested Development,' part '30 Rock,' but Parnell saves it, or at least is himself good.

The only. ONLY. shitty part about watching 'Lost,' is the fucking ABC promos. Whether it's the giant douche jumping around for 'Extreme Makeover' or whatever it's called, the Oprah shit, or the super dramatic everything that accompanies every ad for the network, it's fucking nauseating. And 'Lost' was kind of a let down last night. Michael's story was the same story we've been hearing all season, and all series, really. The island has power, the 'Others' can get to you whenever they want, Ben can't necessarily be trusted, those on the boat can't be trusted. It's a big question, ooooohh. Rousseau dying in such a boring way was lame. And what of the promise that the whole season was going to be broadcast in concurrent weeks? April 24th? April 2fucking4th?!

Speaking of killing, 'I Am Legend' was I am fucking awesome...first Steve Irwin, now this? It's the attack of the sting rays...and my picks sucked on the first day of the tournament. 11 of 16. Easily my worst first-day showing of the, well, ever. The worst hit was the USC loss, as I had them in the Elite Eight. Am I supposed to capitalize 'Elite?' Do I spell out 'eight,' or write the number? Fuck it all, anyway. UCLA is fast.

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