Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fact-checking and the death of us all

Supervisors in Kern County, California have okayed the construction of a corn-powered ethanol plant that should generate a shitload of the fuel each year.  There were, rightly, environmental concerns raised, including questions about the amount of nitrous oxide released by the plant, which will not be within the San Juaquin Valley's air quality limits, though the company running the plant has and will purchase offsets.  I'm still confused about how offsets actually remove polluting substances from the air above the polluted region.  Similarly, I wonder how the offsets help dissipate the super-stink created by ethanol plants.  None of that addresses the main problem with ethanol, which is that treating it as the American fuel-need answer is a fucking joke. "I haven't been as excited about any project since I got on this commission," said Commissioner Wendy Wayne."  Oh god.  

And the Los Angeles Times looks like a joke right now.  The piece they ran first on March 17th, in which Sean Combs was cited as being behind Tupac's shooting, was quickly torn to shreds by  The craziest thing about the Times' ineptitude seems to be how fallible the sources used so obviously appear.  I mean, fuck dude.   

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