Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's over, I think

If you were fortunate enough to hear Barack Obama's speech this morning - which was heavily promoted and assigned a great deal of significance by the main stream media - you probably recognize that the race for the democratic nomination is over. Obama was given a degree of attention not often afforded a mere candidate, and that the speech focuses on probably the most transcendent, controversial issue in American history allowed him the opportunity to either shine or thud.

I'm all about Hilldog, but she can't compete with the scope on which Obama is allowed to run a campaign. The main stream media's efforts at viewership and readership encourage them to controversialize and overstate the racial currents present throughout this election. The Obama camp knows the inclusion of race means good things for their candidate. While Geraldine Ferraro's comments were a tad nutty, mainly because she suggested Obama's candidacy is so overtly bolstered by his being black, she stumbled unknowingly on some truth. When race is mentioned, traditional media pounces, and Obama is afforded an unrivaled forum in which he excels like few others ever have. Race, it seems, is winning the race for Barack Obama.

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