Sunday, March 23, 2008

My tourney abortion

I'm sucking in the one pool in which I'm entered.  Of twenty people, I was 18th after the first round.  After yesterday, I'm tied for ninth, thanks to the brilliance of my sticking with MSU, WSU, and Stanford.  I and one other guy were the only ones to pick 'Nova to get to the Sweet 16, so hopefully I'll be a little higher after today.  

The Budweiser "Dude" commercials have to stop.  Dude.  I mean, fucking dude.  Shit.  Yeah, we say "dude" a lot.  I get it.  Am I going to buy your fucking beer because you've got Joe Buck saying "dude?!"  No!  It doesn't change the fact (FACT!!) that your beer tastes like one of your clydesdales pissed in a bottle and somehow gives me huge beer farts within forty seconds of drinking it!  DUDE! 


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