Sunday, March 02, 2008

Living in the dark ages

The only internet access I get at the new house is through my iphone, so there has been no posting for BH lately. Hopefully I'll be back on the horse soon. Without my traditional outlet for dispensing profundity, I feel I should be like the April Fool on "Fairly Oddparents" - which, yes, I like to watch, even way back before the kid was born - who explodes if he can't get to a punchline. In reality, I think I'm experiencing something I've heard of once, called tranquillity or something like that. No, tranquillity is too much, but I'm not going nuts. I'll be back on the regular post wagon soon enough.

Speaking of my iphone, the once-every-couple-months update from Apple is something I look forward to like it were my birthday.

Speaking of watching cartoons, how many animated voices is Patrick Warburton doing these days, you ask? Off the top of my head, I know he's Brock Sampson on The Venture Bros., Kronk on The Emperor's New School, Joe on Family Guy, Lok on Tak and the Power of Juju, and probably has done a bunch of movies recently (I know he was in Bee Movie, but I don't know what part he played).
Speaking of Family Guy, I think I've laughed out loud at that show twice in the last seven years. And it's not like I watch it infrequently. I watch it all the time. Not only is it unbelievably stupid, it tries to pretend it's not. The writers or Seth MacFarlane or someone tries to go the South Park route, providing social commentary - usually from the supposedly smart dog or Peter's buffoonery - that is so short-sided and thoughtless that my four year-old could unravel the logic. It's not clever. You mean like that time I farted the Pledge of Allegiance while sitting on top of a windmill? And the fucking chicken Peter fights every fifth episode? Like it's some great treat to the fans that Peter and the chicken beat the shit out of each other for five goddamn minutes? I mean, what the fuck is this shit?

Sondog and I are split on Obama and Hilldog. I'm all about Hillary and Sondog's experiencing audacity of some sort (probably bullshit). Maybe we'll post a 'Mind of Voter' or some self-righteous horse crap. Probably not. But, this has been a very interesting race. Sondog is a Pelosi-worshipping, Howard Dean-loving, follow the voting advice of the DNC, sheep, so our political conversations are interesting.

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SonDog said...

It stings because it's true. Long live the party of the left-wing liberal. Raise taxes!!! Let gays teach our children how to be gay!! Down with the white male!!