Friday, March 07, 2008

Infrequent check-in time

I haven't had cable or satellite or internet or running water or anything since moving in to my new/old place. Okay, I've had running water, but I haven't been getting any live sports aside from Fox's Sunday NASCAR coverage. Guh. My kid's birthday party is tomorrow, so I'm at my parents' house making a cake. They, fortunately, have cable. I, fortunately, get to watch today's Mets/Indians game with Ravi and (sigh) Krukie. I'm so happy to be watching baseball, I'll tolerate the greenie-taking, steroid-abusing, nonsense-talking stupid dumbshit.

Oh it was nice to see Hilldog get some wins this week. Some voters recognize Obama's campaign consists of little more than saying he opposed the war and rich whites feeling less guilty. I kid, sort of (winks at Sondog). Has anyone noticed how many articles mention Obama's oratory skills? Translation: black guy who talks like a white guy. It's funny how some white people to think racism only involves burning crosses.

Sondog was right on about Noah Lowry. Giants beat writers jumping on the 'this is the new Rick Ankiel' bandwagon were, in a word, 'tarded. Turns out his arm is fucked up and he couldn't hold the ball. The idea that writers float the dreaded "Ankiel" every time a ball hits the backstop is kind of fun. I once heard Norman Mailor say in an interview, "The mark of mediocrity is the search for precedent," in regards to writers.

Green and yellow Jesus retired? What? I hadn't heard.

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