Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Children Are Our Future

by BH

At the school in which I work, we give kids a snack everyday around 2:00 in the afternoon. Which snacks the children receive is determined by either the school or the district, I don't know which. In the past, we have had to give them some crazy things like "Raz-apple" apple sauce in otter pop-ish tubes that contain no rasberries and very little apple sauce. On Monday though, it reached a new low when we had to give them chocolate mini donuts. It's insane what gets put into these kids. I made an effort to find something a little less, um I don't know, inappropriate, to no avail. Donuts? Does someone actually get paid to determine the snacks that these kids get? If so, is that person insane? I like a doughnut from time to time, but I would never send my kid to school with a six pack. It seems like over the past few years, a cultural switch has been made in which we have become far more aware of the nutritional content of items in schools. Many districts have eliminated soft drink machines and are no longer partnering with corporate sponsors, who for a little advertising, gives schools cheap, unhealthy food. And the kids at my school get donuts.

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