Friday, December 30, 2005

I Hate Predictions...

by BH

...but I'll make one anyway. The closer we get to the Texas/USC game, the more I feel like Texas is going to win. I want USC to win, but it seems like the Trojans have been sort of walking a tightrope all year. Thus, my prediction is this: 42-40 Texas. It's going to be ugly for a while. Probably something like 35-10 after the first half in favor of the Longhorns. USC, being the second half team that they are, will put forth one of their crazy comebacks but fall a little short.

Those in the media are sure to look at the outcome of the Oklahoma/Oregon game and use it as justification for a) why the PAC-10 is a weak conference, and b) why Oregon didn't belong in a BCS game, much like they did with Cal last year. In actuality, Oregon had lost it's starting QB weeks ago, and ended the game with their third string guy. Like Cal last season, the Ducks were without a key component of their offense, something that's unlikely to catch the attention of those at the worldwide leader who get all their info from Sportscenter highlights.

Seriously, I hate predictions. What is the point? What comes of it? Sean Salisbury makes predictions and guarantees all the time, rarely if ever going back and pointing out those things he gets wrong. I will never bring up my prediction for the Rose Bowl again, regardless of whether I'm really wrong or close to right.

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