Monday, December 05, 2005

Mind of Kings Fans IV

The following is an early-morning email exchange between two die-hard Sacramento Kings fans -- myself (SonDog -- living in Vail) and Aaron (OZ -- living in Sacramento). The conversation comes after Sacramento lost three games in a row in uninspiring fashion (Golden State, Miami, Minnessota) --

OZ -- Are these guys really this bad......I say no.

Direct quote from Adelman after last night's debacle against Minnessota:

Reporter: Where do you see this team going.

Adelman: I don't know.

Reporter: Wait....what?

Isn't this guy the mastermind of the team? If he doesn't know where they're going how the hell can the players know! My God man! He must have responded "I don't know" to at least 50 questions. The next question should have been, "Should you really be coaching this team?"

SonDog -- The formula to last night's game was simple: Zero effort + limited athleticism = No chance.

They didn't have any kind of spark until Skinner and Williamson entered the game, which is sad. I know I've been saying this all year, but Kenny Thomas needs to play more minutes. The utter disinterest in rebounding from the 3-4-5 position on the starting 5 is incredibly aggravating. Seriously, I've seen shots hit Peja in the face twice in the last three games and he failed to secure the ball. If the ball hits you in the face, you're not interested in rebounding at all.

The "core" of this year's version of the Kings may be a little rotten.

OZ -- Peja is problem number two. The guy sucks. He's been mediocre at best this year and maybe this is the year the Maloofs needed to start firing people.........or move the team.

SonDog -- It's still amazing to me that they handed the ship over to a guy that can do nothing but shoot threes. I mean, he was 1 for 16 from 2pt since returning from his injury, going into last night's game. It's just not meshing right now, and I'm confident that changes need to be made. Adelman and Peja could be the first two casualties. I also expect them to move one of the contracts they received from Philly (Skinner, Williamson, Thomas) soon.

OZ -- The front office has been eerily silent through all this, which makes me hope that changes are on the way.

SonDog -- This quick chain has inspired me to write an entire column on this like some sort of pseudo-expert.

(Editor's Note: Check back later this evening for a comprehensive, 17-game review/evaluation of the Sacramento Kings)


Another Kings Fan said...

Still, we can't be fair weather fans. I have hope that if we just work harder on our shooting, rebounding, blocking, assisting, running the ball, limiting turnovers and passing, we'll start rocking and rollin'. Mama Maloof might actually pay attention to the game instead of her pink sequined cowboy hat....

phil said...

I really think "pseudospert" should be a word...

SonDog said...

Phil, you have no idea how much that word will improve my vocabulary. "Hi, I'm SonDog, a true Pseudospert." It's brilliant!

OZ said...

To another Kings fan:
So you're saying they just have to work on every aspectof the gam eof basketball, then they'll be OK. Got it. Good to know.

Once again, isn't that what they pay Adelman for?

And another thing, criticizing the team is every fans right. Especially the non-fair-weather fans.

bh said...

"And another thing, criticizing the team is every fans right. Especially the non-fair-weather fans."

Yeah, the "fair weather fans" thing is a little wierd. That sondog and OZ spend so much time discussing the ins and outs of the Kings should tell us something about their level of fandom. Being down on a team's chances doesn't mean you're a fair weather fan. I was down on the Giants last year, but I watched every game and still rooted for a win each time.
It didn't really seem like another kings fan's post was overly critical though, just a misinterpretation on his or her part about how sondog and oz felt about the Kings. Fortunately, replying to a blog is every blogger's right, even if it's not what you want to hear (unless it's "by anonymous").

SonDog said...

All I can say is, Mama Maloof is a pretty ugly gal. She's had more lifts than a 16-year-old cowboy's Ford F-150.

SonDog said...

And lest I forget... Barry Henderson: The Voice of Reason

bh said...

I am the voice of reason aren't I? I'm like the white dove in a sea of crows. The mule that won't pull. The lemming that won't jump, and any other not-quite-operational metaphors you can think of. I'm just sad that I don't have any pictures on this site of me wearing only a necklace and a hat.

SonDog said...

Indeed, it's a stunning picture, isn't it? It's like waking up to a sunrise over the Tuscan hillside. Just beautiful and awe-inspiring in every way. Thank you for noticing. And I'm one step closer to kicking your ass.

another kings fan said...

I didn't mean the bloggers were fair-weather. More a commentary on my boss and his inter-office ramblings and constant waivering opinions of the team. I'll be cheering for them against the Cavs tonight.

SonDog said...

Was your boss one of the Johny-Come-Lately fans that's enjoyed the team only since it's recent winning renaissance? Those undoubtedly are the same fans who refuse to approve an arena deal. "Wait, you mean there was REALLY a team here before 1997? Did Jason Williams and Chris Webber play for them? Who the hell is Mitch Richmond anyways?"