Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The First Ever Boofy Award

by BH

I have decided that at the end of each week, Sunday night to be specific, I am going to give out an award. The award is going to be called "The Boofy." Of course, there is nothing tangible about this award. No one will actually receive anything in the mail that says anything like, "You have just won 'The Boofy.'" It's just, you know, fun.

The Boofy, from week to week, will be awarded to the person or organization that has best represented the idea of absurdity. Had the award been in place in the past, previous winners would have been:

Halle Berry for her acceptance speech following her "Best Actress" award
The FOX network the week it decided to cancel "Arrested Development"
The guy who, driving the other direction, thought it would be fun to yell at me as I rode my bike home from work the other day.
George Lucas for Jar-Jar Binks' inclusion and performance in "Star Wars: Episode1"

The Boofy

The first winner of the Boofy is Jacksonville Jaguar Reggie Williams. I had the pleasure of watching this guy when the Jags played the Forty-Niners this weekend. He was doing his dances prior to the game. He actually did four in-game dances, each one following a catch. On one play though, Williams mis-timed his dive for a ball, missed it, a was plowed by a Niner safety. WHERE'S YOUR DANCE NOW?! HUH? I could have given the award to the entire Jacksonville team. For a playoff-bound team that in the fourth quarter trailed a soon to be 2-12 team, the Jags sure did a lot of dancing and showboating. However, in the end I decided to award the first Boofy to the player that best epitomized the absurdity of the whole team. Congrats Reggie Williams, #11 out of the University of Washington. Here's to you.

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