Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MLB Speculation

by BH's Rumor Central is reporting that Cardinal pitcher Matt Morris is close to a two-year, $16 million contract with San Francisco. It seems crazy to believe news coming from something with "Rumor" in the title, but I'm excited. What's a little disconcerting is that the Cards are balking at his price tag. Morris isn't coming off his best year, but one would think, after all he's done in St. Louis, the Cards would want to pay for him to remain a Cardinal.
Reports from the San Francisco Chronicle have the Giants also looking at David Wells, Kris Benson, and Jarrod Washburn. Guh, guh, and guh. According to the Chronicle's John Shea , "Benson wants to stay in New York - at least according to his wife, Anna, who blasted the Mets for shopping the pitcher one year after they gave him a four-year contract." Anna Benson is miffed about the Mets interest in moving her husband because she suspects it has to do with her negotiations with Playboy to pose nude. Hey Anna, I have an idea. Don't pose nude in Playboy and you might get to stay in New York. If that is the problem. They might want to trade him due to his 4.25 career ERA or his sub .500 record. Some reports have the Benson's going to Kansas City. I wonder if she'll go with him.

People will still notice me in K.C. Won't they?

Rumor Central is also reporting that the Giants are one of four teams interested in Bill Mueller. Again. This would be his third go of it in San Francisco. He had a good 2000 as a Giant and won the AL batting title a few years ago, and it might be nice to see steady output at third base rather than what they get from Feliz or Alfonzo.

Apparently, there has been some interest in the Yankees organization about Nomar Garciaparra. Crazy interest.


SonDog said...

Anna Benson should not speak. However, she should pose nude for Playboy. I have no problem with that.

SonDog said...

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says the Rangers have pitched a three-year, $25 million offer.

bh said...

Apparently the Cardinals offered salary arbitration,so by signing him, the Giants would lose a draft pick. I can't imagine the miserly Sabean would want to lose a pick.
When I heard that the Giants were interested in Mike Sweeney, I got pretty excited. Then I realized it was Mark Sweeney, and a little of that excitement went away. Actually, all of it.