Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Steve Phillips: Uber-GMish-type

Former Mets GM and current ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is now 6 for 29 in predicting where his top 50 free agents would go this season. That's a .206 clip. In my last season of college ball, I hit .200. Now, I started the season in an 0-13 hole, but finished 6 for my last 13. Looking at my average, one can tell that no one's going to ask me to be a hitting coach based on my batting average. Somehow, Phillips has had a column up evaluating the remaining free agents on the market and the teams in which they would best fit. He seems to have thought out most of his evaluations which begs the question, WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Here's what I think happened. ESPN.com asked Phillips to rank his top 50 free agents, including where they may land. Phillips, having watched a lot of Sportscenter, based a lot of his predictions on the highlights he had seen. He did things like predict that San Diego would go after Jeromy Burnitz (something that I guess could still happen), probably because the Padres don't have any left-handed outfielders, and the ones they've had have done well in Petco Park. He predicted the the San Francisco Giants, a team that relied heavily on young, inconsistent starting pitchers throughout the year, would attract zero starting pitchers included in his top 50.

I don't know. I just...don't know.

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