Saturday, April 14, 2007

Greg Oden's father doesn't care about his son's education

In what comes as the least shocking news in the history of Western Civilization, Greg Oden's father is about to cash in his retirement plan.

From the Indianapolis Star:

"Why not, as long as he finishes school in the offseason?" the elder Oden said.
"He's the kind of kid that, even though he'll have a lot of money, he needs to do more than just basketball.They had an exciting season, but why take the chance on him getting hurt?"
Oden coming out was a no-brainer. Had I been in his size 37 shoes, I would enter the draft too. But it's pretty tacky for his father to steal the show by leaking the news . He should of just finished that last sentence with, "... getting hurt, before he can make me rich beyond my wildest dreams?"

And by the way, the whole "as long as he finishes school in the offseason" crap is tough to swallow. There isn't an "off-season" in the NBA, especially if you are about to be the face of a franchise. We've all heard that Oden is a scholar of sorts, and he may genuinely want to get his degree. I'd just rather hear it from Oden (or Chad Ford), not his pops. Can you imagine how that conversation went between Oden and his dad?

Oden Jr.: "But, I kind of want to be a teacher eventually, dad. I'm thinking about staying in school."

Oden Sr.: "No you're not, boy. You go declare for the draft right now! This is the moment I've been working all my life for!"

Oden Jr.: "Wait... what?"

Greg Oden, celebrating the fact that he's about to be one insanely rich man

Oh, and I will not care about this one bit if the Kings win the lottery and Oden is in Sacramento next year. If Stern can rig one for Sac (rather than The Butler's choice of Memphis), I guarantee the fans will approve a new arena. Do it, Sterny!


the butler said...
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the butler said...

This is getting funnier by the day...

DMo said...

Where did you get that photo? I think I've done that girl.

SonDog said...

This is getting ridiculous.

DMo, I found it on a simple google search. Pretty awesome for ol' Greg.