Friday, April 06, 2007

Who's a Coward?

Pretty much the entire blogging world has already written about this. I first saw it on Deadspin.

I hope dude ends up here.

Of course no one had ever heard of this guy before. But now he's getting body-slammed all over the internet. As he should. Because he's a Schrutebag.

After a Google Image Search, I am extremely confused....

When did the Half Baked Guy get his own ESPN radio show?


SonDog said...

I agree with KSK... what Shrutebag did is a crime. The guys at The Big Lead make their living with advertisements placed on their site. If their site is down... you get the point. Shrutebag needs to go to prison. Well said, Butler.

bh said...

Cowherd replaced Kornheiser on ESPN radio, and I listened to one show before throwing my stereo out the car window and pulling my eardrums out with a hanger. He's terrible, and along with going after bloggers, has ripped off their material in the past. What a Shrutebag.

Anonymous said...

Jim Breuer is actually a very nice guy; I met him in person and he was very cool. And, ironically enough, he has his own radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Colin Cowherd, however, is a total tool who should be fired by ESPN.

the butler said...

I bet Breuer is cool. Always wondered if (hoped) he got that stoned in real life.

That is funny he has his own radio show. Whowouldathunkit?